Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tier I - SBOA Higher Secondary School


"Educate and Illuminate" is the motto of the The State Bank of India Officer's Association Educational Trust. Started in the mid 1980's, SBOA is one of the best schools in Tamil Nadu producing state ranks year after year. The school is also known for its large strength, sending in almost 400 students for the 10th board and more than 750 students for 12th board exams every year.

It aims at providing comprehensive education to develop the character and personality of each pupil. The school was established for the benefit of the bank officer's children and to cater to the student's need for a school with matriculation syllabus.

There are three SBOA schools in Chennai

SBOA School and Junior College - School Road, Anna Nagar, affiliated to CBSE
SBOA Matriculation and Higher Secondary School - Anna Nagar Western Extension, affiliated to Matriculation and Tamil Nadu State Board
SBOA Model Higher Secondary School - School Road, Anna Nagar, affiliated to Tamil Nadu State Board


Higher Secondary Courses offered :

Group I : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
Group II : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science
Group III : Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology
Group IV : Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science
Academic Programme: Matriculation and Higher Secondary syllabus.


The school has one of the best and largest infrastructure, for a school, in the city of Chennai. There is one Main Building for students of class 6-12. There is another building for classes 1-6, which is the largest block of the school. There is one Rotunda like structure for kindergarten children which is air-conditioned. The school also has a hostel facility for boys.
The school has an outdoor auditorium and one indoor auditorium (Indira Gandhi Auditorium). A theatre hall is under construction.
The school also boasts two basketball courts and a football ground (non-grass).


SBOA Schools give equal emphasis on academics and personality development. The students have access to a wide range of activities in clubs such as:1. Bharat Scouts and Guides2. Road Safety Patrol3. National Cadet Corps4. Junior Red Cross etc.Activities throughout the year are organized under the various houses - each student is part of a house named after the major Tamil kingdoms: Cheran, Cholan, Pandian, Pallavan

Features of the School

1.Free Coaching class for low achievers
2.Brain Storm Sessions for high achievers
3.Seminars & Guest Lectures
4.Night Study
5.Multimedia Labs
6.Computer Science labs
7.Junior Science Laboratory
8.Language laboratory


Manju M Nair said...

Do u know the admission process of SBOA to LKG? When will they issue forms? Any restrictions in the number of forms issued?

Sivakumar said...

is SBOA a co-ed school?

sweta said...

Please help me about admission process of SBOA to 1 std.

Zerelda said...

Nice information thanks for sharing it..!it will be helpful for people searching this kind of information.

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