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Padma Seshadree Bala Bhavan (PSBB) is ranked as one of the best in the country with about 7,000 students. Three-and-a-half decades since the school was founded, PSBB school has been recognised as a centre of academic excellence.
It has two branches.The school at Nungambakkam is known as the Main School, with an annexe at Thirumalai Road, which has more than 2,500 students.The branch school at K K Nagar is housed in a sprawling 5-acre campus and boasts of 4,500 students on its rolls. PSBB is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.
Nearly 40% of the students gain entry into the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technologies) and another 20% into other premier institutes besides many who are pursuing higher education or occupying influential positions abroad.
The focus is more on the learning process than on information or inert content. Continuous assessment, through year long cycle tests, is yet another unique feature of the Junior Curriculum.


Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School (PSBB) was founded in 1958 by a group of enterprising house wives. The school was started in a thatched shed, with 13 students and a staff of three. The school was christened Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan in honor of the deceased wife of a lawyer who helped in the cause.In 1959, within a year of its beginning, it moved to its present location in Lake Area, Nungambakkam. The residents of Nungambakkam realised the potential of the school and the student enrolment shot up. The first batch of students to take the Class X Board exams were in 1967-68.


Secondary Department -

Upto class X
1. English
2. Language - Hindi / Tamil /Sanskrit
3. Mathematics 4. a. Physics b. Chemistry c. Life Science
5. a. History and Civics / Economics b. Geography
6. Health and Physical Education
7. Art Education
8. Work Experience

Junior College Department (+2 Course)
1. Core course : English
2. Group A : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Computer Science / ...................Sanskrit Core.
Group B : Mathematics / Sanskrit Core, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Group C : Mathematics / Sanskrit Core, Economics, Business Studies, ...................Accountancy.
3. General Studies and Value Education
4. Work Experience
5. Physical and Health Education


PSBB Schools11 and 12, Thirumalai Road, T Nagar Chennai - 600 017 11, Alagirisami Salai, K K Nagar Chennai - 600 078 E-mail:


Ciji said...

I called up the school for admission details and they were reluctant to provide details over the phone. they want the parents to travel personlly to the school and read the notice boad outside the gate. It was written that recommendations would disqualify your application how true is that?

I have applied in PSBB Millenium as well for Pre KG 2009 - 10. They charge you 40K admission fee and 10,600 per term ( 3 terms = 31, 800)

Ciji said...

They have started a new school with international standards. Admission fee is 40K and 10600 per term for pre KG. Classes are from 9 to 12 and they have bus survice to different part of the city

Ciji said...

They are building a new campus at porur (6kms from Kathipara Junction) classes from 3rd standard to 10th would be shifted to porur from next academic year
(2009 to 2010)

imnoidiot21391 said...

don't bother about it .. they like ruffling people up a bit.

Laxman said...

most of what is mentioned is about millennium and not bala bhavan psbb, in recent times though many am sure would disagree psbb has gone down in lot of aspects, the admission procedure is by itself so cumbesome and puts the parents into lot of hardships, they distribute around 10k forms while they have only 400 seats to offer, i dont see any other motive than to make money by doing this, this eventually also leads to lot of rejections. i firmly believe that premiere institutions like this should not do such things for making money and should uphold some basic ethics. For rejected applications there is no reason given, it is appalling a school with such repute gets its 80% or even more seats filled with 2 criterias being met by parents. 1. if any of the siblings are studying or have studied and 2. to have recommendation from cine / some cultural field celebrities. it is time for people to take cognizance of these things and also the school authorities and change.

Anitha Menon said...

I am recently transferred to chennai. Looking for a good cbse school for my daughter who is going to class 9. Can anyone suggest a good cbse school near anna nagar. Also which one is better sboa or chinmaya?

Anitha Menon said...

I am recently transferred to chennai. Looking for a good cbse school for my daughter who is going to class 9. Can anyone suggest a good cbse school near anna nagar. Also which one is better sboa or chinmaya?

Indhra Kannan said...

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Ananth sekar said...

Chinmaya might be better.

Ananth sekar said...

But i was wondering if you were in kk nagar my choist would bu PSBB

Zerelda said...

Nice information thanks for sharing it..!it will be helpful for people searching this kind of information..

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Priya said...

I am looking for admission in psbb guindy branch. Online application doesn't accept dob in dec2014. Any other options.