Monday, April 7, 2008

Am I doing the right thing for my KID???

Hmmmm....Every individual wants to be successful but we do not know to quantitatively measure the success of our journey. Most importantly, we want to be successful as a Parent and this success is measured only when our son/daughter has made a name in the society and contributing to the community that we live in. To do this we want our children to be the best in what they do and there are lot of questions that keep haunting us as parents.

Have we put them in the good school, though it may not be the best school???

Is my son/daugther getting the better education than what I have got??

Is the School really focussed on overall development?

Why is the other kid able to articulate the things better and why not my kid.

Is he/she studying well?

Is my kid a sports / Arts / Academic oriented and does the school match with what my kid's potential is??

I am sure lot of parents echo my thoughts....

and I believe the answer lies with us. If there are great people in and around us then it is truly because of their parents, though there are exceptions, it is mostly true. The people have become great truly because of their Parents aspirations, hard work, focus, sacrifices in creating the environment for the Kids to thrive. When I have spoken to few of those parents in terms what they have done to create this highly talented individuals. This is the list that I could gather. I will elaborate my thoughts on each of these points later...

1. Identifying the right skill and potential in the kid
2. Identify what interests the child.
3. Get your aspirations in line with what the Kids interest is.
4. Understand what needs to be provided to the kid to thrive on his interest.
5. Providing the right environment at home, school and the places that we visit regularly to inspire them to pursue their interest.
6. Providing the tools for them to nurture their talent.
7. Giving the quality time and feedback for them to improve.
8. Providing the freedom for them to express their point of views.


Srinivasan said...

It was very good naration from Rajendran.

We also need to encourage/put our childrens at right place at right time.

Sowmya said...

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abhitanu said...

Very nice article by Mr. Rajendran.

What about Bala Vidya Mandir ?

I heard they have montessori type of education until 6th grade.

We are trying for it, but not sure.


abhitanu said...

Nice article by Rajendran.

what abt Balavidya mandir?

we are trying there, but not sure.

Priya Anand said...

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ranjeeth said...

Ya Mr.rajendran your thought is right, all the parents should give the freedom to thier child to expose thier abilities, creativity thinking and should help them to convert thier ideas in to a realistic thing and giving them a bright future.

P.S.Ranjeeth kumar

Raj said...

Thats a great article Rajendran.
Hope we will provide the best what he/she is in need of.
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